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Super Solvitax PROJOINT also contains Brewers yeast and peppermint as flavour enhancers. Glucosamine is an amino sugar, which is found in the cartilage and plays an important role in maintaining joint health. Glucosamine is an integral constituent in the structure of cartilage, tendons and ligaments, which are constantly being rebuilt. Chondroitin is also an amino sugar present in cartilage and connective tissue. It plays an important role in joint care. Chondroitin is involved in the attraction of fluid that lubricates the joints. It is formed in the body and obtained from the diet. However, it occurs naturally in only a small amount of foods. MSM is rich in organic sulphur, which is found in proteins of most tissues such as skin, organs and hair. Sulphur, is also necessary for the maintenance of healthy tissue. MSM contributes to the production of ground mucopolysaccharides which maintain the integrity of connective tissue, therefore helping to keep joints flexible and muscles supple whilst maintaining a healthy circulation. Super Solvitax PROJOINT has been specifically formulated for those horses and ponies that take part in physical equine activities, to help maintain the health of joints, muscles and cartilage.

Periods of high activity place additional demands and wear on the body. Tissues are all constantly being regenerated, but this renewal process slows down during natural ageing.

Feeding Recommendations
Use the 12.5 gram measure provided and mix with hard feed.

Horse Loading Level (Feed for 10 days)
500 Kilo Horse................................................ 31.75 grams (2.5 measures) per day
300 Kilo Pony................................................. 18.75 grams (1.5 measures) per day

Maintenance Level
Horses & Ponies.............................................. 12.5 grams (1.5 measures) per day.
In times of need, such as prior to and during competition, the feeding level may be increased by 50%.

To help maintain healthy joints, your horse or pony's diet may be complemented with a specialist Omega 3 rich oil supplement, such as Super Solvitax R~A Formula, which may be fed with the Super Solvitax Projoint product range.

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