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Our History

About Us – The History

How it all began…

  • 1934 A group of trawler owners form British Cod Liver Oil Producers, a co-operative venture to exploit one of the fishing industries most valuable by-products.
  • 1935Cod Liver Oil was launched under the Seven Seas brand and saw the first Solvitax Livestock Oils being sold in 45 gallon drums.
  • 1940’s The benefits of additional vitamins in Cod Liver Oil were officially recognised and confirmed by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food).
  • 1970’s – Vitapet Natural Health Conditioning Oil launched and quickly gained recognition for its success in helping promote healthy skin and coat as well as helping to reduce excessive moulting.
  • 1980’s – The Vitapet brand was extended to a wider range of products to help specific types of pet with specific conditions.
  • 1990’s – Herbal supplements are launched to make it simple to add the goodness of herbs to your horse’s feed on a regular basis.
  • 1993 – ExmaRid Skin Care Range is launched to provide pet owners with a unique 3-step skin care system to help deal with pets’ dry scaly and itchy skin.
  • 1994 – Vetzyme and Kitzyme brands joined the range of products.
  • 1997 – Vetzyme Once a Day Conditioning Tablets were manufactured.
  • 1998 – Following the success of Vitapet R~A Formula, the Double Strength version was introduced to the range.
  • 2001 – Saw the launch of Vetzyme Colour Shampoos and Brush & Go , a unique apple fragranced dry shampoo as well as three new Vetzyme nutritional oils.
  • 2002 – Vetzyme Flexible Joint supplement with Glucosamine added to the range.
  • 2003 – The unique Kitzyme Healthy Cat with Cranberry was launched as well as Vetzyme Stay Calm, the first behavioural food supplement.
  • 2004 - Vetzyme High Strength Flexible joint was launched into the Vetzyme Jointcare Programme.
  • 2008 - Bob Martin (UK) Ltd officially acquired the range of Seven Seas pet products in November 2008 and has since continued to develop and supply the range to the pet trade.


Bob Martin (UK) Ltd, Wemberham Lane, Yatton, North Somerset, BS49 4BS. 

Tel: 0344 748 0108   Fax: 01934 831050